Comments on past Tumbling Lassie Committee events:

"Firstly, let me congratulate you and the committee on the event on Saturday. I found it really informative and you managed to get a great mix of speakers. I also enjoyed the question and answer session at the end and the enthusiasm from the audience to make a difference in this area."

- Nicholas Duffy, former head of Human Trafficking Team, Victims and Witnesses Unit, Scottish Government Justice Directorate

"This was an excellent opportunity to learn more about a really troubling aspect of 21st century living and provoke all of us there to think about how to respond in the most effective manner possible. The speakers were well informed and passionate. Add to that a comfortable venue and excellent coffee and you get a very well spent morning. The Ball was the icing on the cake and a good chance to provide some immediate financial support."

- Ian Lyall, Partner, Pinsent Masons solicitors

"I very much enjoyed the seminar on Saturday and was really encouraged and impressed by the enthusiasm of everyone to do more for victims; I met so many wonderful people there."

- Pam Bowen, Operational Policy Advisor, Crown Prosecution Service, London

"The Tumbling Lassie Seminar, whilst clearly addressing very complex and complicated issues, was sufficiently accessible for someone like me who had no previous knowledge or understanding of the issues. I found it all fascinating and thought that the calibre of the speakers was exceptionally high. It was very thoughtfully presented by all the speakers and felt like a worthwhile way to spend a morning.

The Tumbling Lassie Ball was a great event with a good and lively band and lots happening throughout. The folks at our table were most interesting and altogether it was a very fun evening and one not to be missed. I will certainly be there in 2018!"

- Pamela Lyall, Mediator and Facilitator

From one of our charities, IJM:

"I would like formally to thank the committee for all they have done over the past year in raising awareness and funds to address human trafficking and modern slavery... Support like yours has meant that we have been able to rescue and restore so many people all over the world..."

- Andrew Bevan, Scotland Director, IJM UK