"But we have no slaves in Scotland..."
With these words, over 330 years ago, the Court of Session in Edinburgh rejected slavery...
But slavery still survives
around the world, even in Scotland.

Welcome to the website of the Tumbling Lassie Committee - we exist to raise awareness and funds for charities
against modern slavery and people trafficking and to help survivors in Scotland and beyond.

If you agree with us that slavery should belong only in the history books, please help us to support charities
 that are working to make that a reality.

The Tumbling Lassie programme for 2022-2023 is currently under development, but work to raise funds for our charities as they combat modern slavery and people trafficking has already recommenced after the enforced  interruption caused by the pandemic. The first Tumbling Lassie event since the arrival of Covid-19, the performance of the operettas Dandie Dinmont andThe Tumbling Lassie at the Queen's Hall on Sunday 10th April 2022, raised over £1,000 by way of donations from a generous and enthusiastic audience.  Those donations have already been forwarded to our charities. We record here our thanks to Alexander McCall Smith, Tom Cunningham and the performance team who arranged for this excellent production to take place at no cost to the appeal.

Further announcements will be made as our programme develops.

On 9th December 2021, the Tumbling Lassie Committee heard the tragic news that it had lost one of its very best friends, Committee member Stephen O'Rouke QC. Stephen was an enthusiastic supporter of the Tumbling Lassie appeal from its inception. He had generously dedicated a proportion of the royalties from his debut novel, The Crown Agent, to the appeal. He then joined the Committee and we benefitted profoundly from his encouragement, his readiness to be involved in all aspects of the appeal and his openness to new ideas and opportunities. We want to record here our deep sorrow at this loss, not only for the Committee and the appeal but for so many others whose lives he had touched, and our determination to continue in his memory to take forward the campaign of which he was so dedicated a supporter. May he rest in peace.

To donate to the Tumbling Lassie appeal, with the possibility of gift aid, contact us by the methods mentioned below or go to www.justgiving.com/fundraising/thetumblinglassie.