Below are three images associated with the Tumbling Lassie case - an engraving of a mountebank and his show - Lord President Carnwath,  who chaired the Court that heard the Tumbling Lassie case in 1687 - and a view of a model of Parliament House in Edinburgh where the case would have been argued, as it would have looked in the 1680s.  The second collection of images are from the 2017 Tumbling Lassie Seminar, showing speakers including the then Solicitor General for Scotland (Alison di Rollo QC), Pam Bowen and Parosha Chandran, and also a picture from the first post-Covid-19 Seminar in December 2022, with Ruth Charteris KC, the current Solicitor General. The final set of images are from the Tumbling Lassie Balls 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019.